World About to Pass 1.5 Degrees C of Global Warming

Scientists warn world will miss key climate target

The 2015 Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC has set the official international ambition of limiting global warming to 1.5-2 degrees Celsius above a pre-industrial baseline. Not widely reported, is that the Earth’ surface temporarily warmed passed the 1.5 degrees-C limit in February and March 2016 – an el Nino year.

The Guardian posted this an article about the upcoming IPCC meeting in Geneva. In the article the author mentions that the Earth is perilously close to breaking through a 1.5C of global warming only eight months after the target was set in Paris.

The article is telling, in that the scientific narrative is being condensed into shorter and shorter timelines of required mitigation response, but there is no planned systemic change to the global economy that can deliver the radical rates of decarbonisation that are required. Without such a systemic and fundamental change, the world is likely to continue to release more and more GHGs, regardless of the perils of 1.5-2 degrees-C.

Read the Guardian article here.