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Creative Media

Persons are listed in chronological order of involvement in Global 4C.


Mrs. Parama K. Williams

Book Coordinator: Parama joined the Global 4C project in October 2015. Parama is supporting Global 4C by providing her advice and ideas for a book concept. Important is her personal analysis of the Global 4C policy, and her recommendations for appropriate words, phrases, symbols, concepts and images that people will naturally identify with and understand.

Biography: MA, LMT, CYT is a published author with a Master of Arts in Education and 15 years of experience as a Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Parama is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation. She teaches yoga classes to children and adults and provides therapeutic massage and bodywork internationally. As a classroom teacher and consultant in public and private schools in the U.S. for over a decade, Parama has specialized in educational interventions for children of all ages who are diagnosed with developmental and learning disabilities. In 2012 she proposed The Farm School project: a network of experiential learning centers in rural Central America. Parama currently lives in Central America, where she writes, travels, and offers wellness retreats, classes, and seminars. Parama provides intuitive ‘Life Readings’ to help people discover their unique life’s mission (


Dr. Pasquale Calone

Film Consultant: Pasquale, who joined the Global 4C project in December 2015, is providing his expert advice for a film concept called THIS ISLAND WORLD. Important is Pasquale’s philosophical, cultural, and creative understanding of the film that is concerned with a socio-economic paradigm shift. Pasquale is available to give his advice on the film proposal and the various options for production of the animated docudrama.

Biography: Pasquale holds a Ph.D. in Image from the University La Sorbonne Paris, France, and a Master Degree in Direction and Cinematographic Photography from the International Academy of Cinema and Television in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pasquale is currently teaching film in Puebla, Mexico, whilst working on his latest film project. Pasquale speaks Italian, French, Spanish, English and Portuguese, and he is available to discuss all aspects of the film called “This Island World” and related concepts.

Pasquale has a wide range of experience with script writing, film direction, and visual arts, including:

• In 2007 and 2008, his plastic works of art Il était une fois la peur d’oublier and Resonance were presented and exposed in the contemporary art space of the Paris Metro Line 14.

• In 2009 his photographic work participated in the Photography Biennial of Tesalonic, Greece and was added to the archive of the photographic museum of Thessalonica.

• In 2010 he presents his short –length documentary Mimesis (Direction and Script) in Salle Gavaut in Paris, France, in the twenty year celebration of Philomuses.

• During his experience as a video artist from 2007 to 2010 he has done several video installations: Ascensione, Sub Air, Rails, Radar, Acta Eon, Le ravelo de Babel, which were presented in several galleries and contemporary French art museums like the Renaissance National Museum, Ile de France, Jean Collet Gallery, Vitry Sur Seine, Square Henry Barbusse, Vitry sur Seine.

• In 2011 he worked as assistant director for Leonardo Di Costanzo for the full-length fiction film L’Intervallo (Italy 2011, 90 min. Color), selected at major film festivals: Festival de Venezia (Italia), Festival de Toronto (Canada), Festival Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Festival de Lisboa (Portugal) and awarded with: Nastro d’Argento, the David di Donatello, the Golden Globe Award and the Ciak of Gold.

• From 2003 to 2012 he has received the following governmental financial aid: Financial Help for the Post-Production of the film « Trois secondes et cinques minutes » ANRU – National Agency of Urban Renovation, Paris France. Financial Help for the Development of the film Project « Trois secondes et cinques minutes» ALEF – Regional Funds for the Development of French Quarters, Paris, France. Financial Help for the Development of the film Project « Trois secondes et cinques minutes » Fondation Vinci pour la Cité Paris, France. Financial Help for the Development of the film Project « Trois secondes et cinques minutes» Art Foundation Olivier Gevart, Brussels, Belgium. Selected twice for the cultural cabinets of Paris Metro Line 14 RATP Foundation, Paris. Winner of an artistic residence in the International House of Students at the Cité International of Paris C.I.U.P. Honorary Mention in the Student Artistic Festival of Paris, France. Academic Excellence Scholarship in the Scholarship Program E.D.I.S.U. Naples, Italy.

• Since 2011 he has been developing a cinematographic trilogy A PERIPHERAL URBAN GLOBAL WORLD: France – México – Japan, for which in 2012 he recorded in Paris as Director and Scriptwriter, the fiction feature film: 3seconds et 5minutes (color 45min. DCP and BluRay). The film has participated in the French festival Anthropologiques Numeriques. For the second episode of the trilogy, the film Divina Proporzione, he is also the Director and Scriptwriter, and is at the moment in pre-production at the city of Puebla, Mexico.

• In 2013, the work done for his film 3seconds et 5minutes, is presented and shown during the prestigious event of contemporary art LA NUIT BLANCHE DE PARIS, France.

• In 2013 he worked as assistant director for Leonardo Di Costanzo for the full-length fiction film Bridges of Sarajevo (Italy, France 2013, 90 min. Color). The film has been selected at the Cannes Festival in France.

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