Live Presentation 13 August (Google Hangout)

“Global 4C for a Brave New World”


Dr. Delton Chen will present Global 4C via ‘Google Hangout’ with digital currency enthusiasts at Decentral, Vancouver.

Dr. Chen will explain why a Global 4C World Currency and a Global 4C Reward Scheme are needed to strengthen global efforts to mitigate climate change. The presentation will begin with an overview of sea ice melt in the Arctic, and the potential for methane releases and abrupt climate change that could lead to mass extinction.

Dr Chen will explain why economists have overlooked the currency-based solution to climate change, and he will discuss a new unified theory that describes the ‘nature’ of both taxes and currencies within a single framework. The presentation will outline some of the business relationships and administrative tools that will be needed in the Global 4C digital network for worldwide mitigation.

WHAT: “Global 4C for a Brave New World”

WHEN: Thursday Aug 13, 2015. 7:00 PM (PDT) Vancouver, BC, Canada

WHO: Delton Chen Ph.D. (Geo-Hydrologist & Climate Change Policy)


HOW TO JOIN: Google Hangout Link

Please email Cameron Grey and Delton Chen if you intend to join the Google Hangout.
Please wear headphones and be close to a good wifi spot or a direct internet connection.

WHERE: Decentral, Vancouver, BC, Canada

ORGANISER: Mr Cameron Grey (Decentral, Vancouver)