How To Understand Economics and The Financial Markets

CFA Society Speech: How To Understand Economics and The Financial Markets In The Post-Bretton Woods World, Sao Paulo

August 2017

When Money ceased to be backed by Gold fifty years ago, the economy began to function in a fundamentally different way. Richard Duncan explains the policy and investment implications of this radically new economic environment.

The most important statements from Richard, that relate to the Global 4C policy, are seen after 1:12:00 into the presentation. Richard mentions that globalisation in combination with central bank monetary policy offers a great opportunity to spend our way to success. Richard argues for increasing the money supply to invest in solar energy and other new technologies; with a plan for fundamental research and education (rather than spending on wars). Let’s have green energy and a cure for cancer.

Global 4C is a recommendation to expand the money supply with a parallel currency that is biophysically coupled to carbon mitigation services, with a clear telegraphing of future currency prices. Richard suggests that the government could establish new public-private consortia, which is another way to invest in new technologies.