First Independent Social Media on Global 4C

The Global 4C project is a ‘seed’ waiting for the right time to germinate. We are proud to acknowledge the first independent social media responses to Global 4C are a blog post written by Matt Stannard, and an email written by James McGreen:

The first blog article on Global 4C is by the Public Banking Institute

The blog post is titled “Leveraging Monetary Policy for Climate Change Mitigation–The Role of Public Banks” by Matt Stannard, who discusses a potential new role of public banking for climate change mitigation.

“…It represents an audacious application of financial democracy as a check against (and perhaps a structural alternative to) the free market’s ossified ties to fossil fuels. I’ll be watching Global4C, and hope for both dialogue and collaborative efforts to emerge.”

– Matt Stannard (February 15, 2016)

The first email to Global 4C is by James McGreen from the ‘Center for Climate Protection’ and ‘The Switch Lab’

CCP Logo

The first email sent to the email address was from James McGreen, who works with the Center for Climate Protection and is a co-founder of The Switch Lab. James wrote:

“Thank you for this brilliant work. It’s very hopeful. Purely Political solutions cannot work quick enough. Love the Pigovian family…”

– James McGreen (April 10, 2016)

The Switch Lab provides technical workshops on electric vehicles (EV), educational lectures and labs, kits, online memberships, and instructor training. Given that electrification is likely to be the main pathway to the decarbonisation of the transportation sector, we fully support The Switch Lab.  With new efficient batteries and clean renewable energy sources, we can make the Switch to EV.