Climate Risk and Opportunity in Investment Portfolios

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The Future of Measuring Environmental Risk and Opportunity in Investment Portfolios

29 March 2016

Ben Caldecott (Director, Sustainable Finance Programme, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford) discussed environmental risk and opportunity in investment portfolios at the University Club of San Francisco on the 29 March 2016. The Californian Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, called for business to divest from coal. Mr Jones says that the Californian insurance market is the largest in the USA, collecting about USD $259 billion per year in insurance premiums. The insurance companies manage about USD $7.5 trillion in assets, making it the 6th largest insurance market in the world, according to Mr Jones. Mr Jones said that he is concerned about the need to divest from thermal coal and to reduce carbon emissions. Divestment is evidently gathering momentum from within peak institutions, and moving towards a world that does not rely on coal for assets or revenue.

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