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World Tree

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World Tree

The World Tree of this proposal will be a digital administrative system for mitigation assessments, Solar Dollar issuance, and trading. The tree metaphor is used to describe the flow of information and currency through the digital network. The system will manage a new scalable and decentralised business model for all types of mitigation.

Show Transcript. Discussion of the World Tree.

The proposed digital administrative system for the Solar Dollar is called the World Tree. The World Tree will decentralise the administration of mitigation assessments, and it will manage the ledger for Solar Dollar issuance and trading. The World Tree network will exist within the internet, mobile phones, and banking networks, and it will be available to most of the world’s population.

A tree metaphor is used to describe the flow of information and value through the digital network. In this metaphor, the flow of water through the roots of the World Tree represents currency trading; evaporation through foliage represents currency issuance and rewards for mitigation; growth of new branches represents new auditors; and growth of new leaves represents new mitigation data collected from enterprises.

The World Tree will become a focal point for a new social-and-environmental movement, and a global digital petition for a world currency. From a technical perspective the World Tree represents global coordination of greenhouse abatement and sequestration with common currency prices, however from cultural perspective the World Tree represents a new Axis Mundi and a decentralised network of intelligence. The World Tree is described in ancient Mayan mythology, and it also has correlations with the Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life as mentioned in the story of Genesis.




“The best friend of earth of man is the tree.
When we use the tree respectfully and economically,
we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.”

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959)


Network Features
Earning Rewards


The World Tree is the digital administrative system for the Solar Dollar. It will be a decentralised platform for managing large data sets, providing auditing licenses, assessing and auditing all types of mitigation, validations, and security checks for preventing free-riding, and trading Solar Dollars. The World Tree will be used to reward all types of greenhouse mitigation, including: (i) sequestration; (ii) clean and renewable energy; (iii) abatement of industrial and agricultural emissions; and (iv) education programs. Qualified people and firms will be invited to apply for auditing licenses, and with the auditing license they will receive licensed software tools for earning Solar Dollar commissions. Shareholders of the World Tree will receive passive commissions, and this will finance on-going research and development that will be needed to maintain and improve the World Tree. The World Tree will be designed to encourage exponentially growing patronage and a social networking experience. It will also create a business ecology that supports mitigation projects and investment.

Technologies that can be utilised to build the World Tree administrative system are either already available or are currently in advanced stages of development. Key technologies include Ethereum, which is a programmable blockchain platform for decentralised global commerce and data authentication, and mobile phone SIM card overlays for secure commerce from any mobile phone (Fuzo Ltd). Ethereum is of special relevance to the World Tree because it has the technical features that are needed to meet the Global 4C policy specifications for decentralisation and trust. More specifically, Ethereum is, by design, a platform for decentralised global peer-to-peer currency trading and can be readily adapted for carbon auditing and self-executing digital contracts.

Ethereum uses a cryptographically-secure currency token called Ether (i.e. ETH). In the Global 4C proposal, the currency token may be marketed as the Solar Dollar (i.e SOL) and the network may be marketed as the World Tree. Unlike the original concept of the Ether, the Solar Dollar will be taken a step further by aiming for offical international agreements to register the Solar Dollar as an official world currency and to operationally manage its price in global markets with central bank protocols for globally incentivising and coordinating greenhouse mitigation. The design-and-build of the World Tree may be envisaged as the ‘New Manhattan Project’. The inclusion of Solar Dollar currency trading into internationally coordinated central banking may then be envisaged as the ‘New Marshall Plan’ for climate change.







The World Tree is a symbol for a global plan to mitigate climate change and protect the planetary ecosystem. The symbol has direct relevance to the ‘tree topology’ of the proposed business model and the collective intelligence of the Internet. The symbol relates directly to one of its key functions: to reward the bio-sequestration of carbon through reforestation and improved land-management. The Triadic Logos for the Solar Dollar, and the blueprint for the World Tree, have correlation with the story of Genesis, including correlations with the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. These correlations are explained here and here.

The World Tree is present in several religions and mythologies (Norse, Siberian, and American). In the pre-Columbian culture of Mesoamerica, the World Tree embodies the four cardinal directions and connects the underworld and sky (heaven) with the terrestrial realm. The Solar Dollar and the World Tree are shown to be philosophically important, because Plato’s theory of Forms suggests that they will allow society to understand climate change.

The World Tree will be ‘brought to life’ when society invests sufficient resources into the design-and-construction of the administrative system – the ‘seed’ of the World Tree. Metaphorically speaking, the DNA of this new seed is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. The Triadic Logos for the Solar Dollar, and the blueprint of the World Tree.







Network Features

Networks for carbon taxation may be described as ‘patriarchal’ because they require top-down decision-making and centralised authority. Conversely, networks for carbon rewards are ‘matriarchal’ because they create bottom-up decision making and decentralised authority. Living trees have a matriarchal network structure because they have decentralised intelligence for growth, regeneration, and function. Recent studies of forests show that living trees are ‘intelligent’ and can communicate with each other through their roots to coordinate biological functions.

In a living tree, water flows up the roots into the trunk, through the branches, and finally to transpire through the leaves. This moisture flow is a reasonable metaphor for the issuing of Solar Dollars and the transfer of purchasing power from national currencies into the Solar Dollar. The currency markets may be visualised as the World Tree’s roots, and the mitigation markets as the World Tree’s foliage. Solar Dollars will be traded in a single market and trades will be recorded in a decentralised ledger, represented by the tree trunk.

Figure 2. The World Tree is the administration system for the Solar Dollar.





Earning Rewards

Solar Dollar rewards will be the positive financial incentive to take action on climate change. Possible classes of mitigation work are:

Class 1. Heavy Industry Decarbonisation
Class 2. Light Industry Decarbonisation (includes domestic and small business)
Class 3. Cleaner Energy
Class 4. Net Sequestration (includes land management and forestry)
Class 5. Education

Mitigation assessment rules will be statistically based and will focus on physical ‘systems’ or ‘projects’. The leaves represent successful mitigation projects that have ‘attached’ to the tree and given data in exchange for Solar Dollar rewards (Figures 3 and 4). Data of all projects will be instantaneously shared throughout the network to improve market efficiency. Branches and twigs represent auditors who will attach to the World Tree and will do work for commissions. To deter free-riding by auditors, there will be specific rules and contracts for commissions paid to auditors.

Figure 3. Hypothetical example of a cleaner energy project joining the network for Solar Dollar rewards.Branch-Solar

Figure 4. Supply and demand for Solar Dollars (4C)



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